A message from the team regarding the 2021 festival.

Dear friends and supporters,

You will have no doubt noticed that there have been no announcements regarding a Surbiton Summer Salons programme this year.  Following the success of our online series last summer and the online Christmas concert we recorded we had been looking forward to getting together a wonderful programme and sharing it with everyone over the summer.  However, as the situation regarding venues looked increasingly uncertain and subject to last minute change, we felt that it would be best if this year we take a break and wait for things to return to normal.  We also want all our patrons to feel comfortable and safe, and this has always been our top priority.

Although we discussed going online for a second year, we ultimately made the decision not to pursue this avenue, largely because we’re sure everyone has had enough of online content, but also because it allows us to save what funds we do have for the future.  This additional time will allow us to recoup and replan for next year, as well as plan our funding and sponsorship opportunities.

Rest assured, we will be back up and running next year with all the energy and excitement that you’re used to!

In the meantime, stay safe and well, and enjoy the summer, should it ever actually arrive!

All the best,

Charles and the Surbiton Salons Team